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Antonio's Wonderful Award:

 His Granddaughter, Blayke Antonia Abbate

who now tells Antonio, " I Love you Nonno"





     October 12, 2007: He won again! And this time absolutely number 1 with his new violin and viola at the Violin Makers of Arizona International competition. His instruments won 3 Gold Plaques for workmanship, artistry, old Italian oil varnish, and above all: tone.

     Antonio is a member of The Violin Makers of Arizona International and also the Violin Society of America, where he will be competing in 2008 for the Gold medal at the International level. In the past Antonio has won several certificates and awards for his expert craftsmanship.

     October 2010: Antonio Donato takes first place again with 5 Gold Medals and a Certificate of Merit for craftsmanship, tone, and overall performance on two different size violas and two violins!

     September 2014: Antonio won a Certificate of Merit for Viola Tone at the Violin Society of America's 21st International Competition and Exhibition in Indianapolis, Indiana.


     Many well known and prestigious violinists and violists have played Antonio's instruments. To name a few:

  • Boris Jourwlaff
  • Almar Olivera
  • Amon O'Rourke
  • Dr. Andrew Perea
  • Lisa Casal
  • Also Professors from Julliard University and Professional violin and viola judges

    An exclusive player of one of Antonio's violins is Boris Jourwlaff. He and his wife, Fran, are the founders of the Hampton Chamber Orchestra of Long Island, New York. Boris also teaches at the very well-known Cultural Center of South Hampton. The Cultural Center of South Hampton is under the direction of Kirsten Lonnie. Lisa Casal is another player of Antonio's instruments and is a Music Major at the State University of Ohio.


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